Been a little while…

It has been really busy around here lately. Been swamped working on my books, trying to put time into all three current novels every day.

Two weekends a go, we had a demonic case in East Los Angeles, turned out to be a normal haunting and not demonic. We helped to cross a young girl over to the other side, making the house seem so much clearer, light and airy.

This past weekend we spent Saturday night at David Oman’s house on Cielo Drive, Beverley Hills, CA. His house is 150 feet from the house where Sharon Tate and her friends were murdered in 1969. We also had available, the house next door to David’s. This is the house Sharon Tate’s maid ran to when she discovered the bodies. The police were called from here and the rest is history.

We left David’s house late Sunday afternoon and stopped by Hollywood. Parking near the Knickerbocker, we walked up Hollywood Blvd to the Roosevelt Hotel, I love the feeling of people you can’t see looking at you while you bask in the hotel’s beautiful lobby.

Walked a lot of miles this past weekend and my legs can really feel it.

Off to a family reunion on Thursday. My son and I are driving out to New Mexico. After the reunion, he and I are going to drive through Roswell and then down to Carlsbad to mosey through the caverns. We’ll drive through to Phoenix and stay with my brother and his Lady wife. Hopefully, we’ll see my youngest brother and his clan as well. Monday, we’ll finish the drive home and get some rest before a week of meetings and writing.

Speak with you soon.


Monday. Again.

I took Elliott to the dentist today. He hasn’t been complaining about his teeth at all, but I noticed they needed some cleaning, you know, the regular annual thing. I haven’t taken him for over a year and a half though as the heart issues I had over the past year slowed me down. We have another appointment next week to get some of his cavities filled and a second date beyond that to do the rest and apply sealant.

After all of that, I went to work, put some finishing touches on a couple of projects, and it was time to come home. Got the kid fed, now it’s time to put in a couple of hours of writing.

What a Busy Weekend!

I woke up late on Saturday morning, not used to doing that! Half the day was over before it even began. I usually get up between six and seven am on weekends. I might be able to get some writing in before people start getting crazy with the noise. I looked at my phone and found out that Alvaro was in the hospital after being in a car crash the night before. So, I got cleaned up and went to the hospital. I visited for a bit then saw he was getting sleepy, so I dragged Brandon and Tim out of there. We went out for a bite to eat and then back up to the house to wait for Alvaro to be released. He finally was about six pm.

Sunday, Alvaro and I went to get his prescription filled, and then to look for the other people in his car wreck. After looking around, we found Sergio. Drove out to see the poor kid. Neck in a brace, and in a lot of pain. We stayed for a while and left when he looked like he was drifting off.

Got some good writing time in when we got home. Good times, huh?

Not Feeling Well Today

Woke up this morning, stomach gurgling like the contents of an overworked butter churn. My eyes hurt too, so, of course, I couldn’t see myself going to work. See what I did there? lol

I went down to take my meds, like a good boy and stopped by the bathroom there for a bit. Made my way back to my room, got MS Word running again, and MS Outlook, and sat down at the work computer to send an email to the boss. I updated my timecard. and went to take a nap.

It seemed that I was asleep for about fifteen minutes when my son, Elliott knocked and told me that Roger and his son Jeremy were here to visit. It’s 10:00 am on a Thursday. I would normally be working, so what are they visiting for at that hour? I just shook my head in wonder and went downstairs to entertain for a bit. They were here for about three hours and they left. I hadn’t see Jeremy for quite a long time, maybe February or so. I was still gaining strength after my heart transplant so the days and all were just zipping by. I think I was working at my building two days a week at that time, so that would have been February. I am working five days a week, normal hours now, and have been since April – so all is good.

I looked over my appointment this afternoon, shortly after Roger and Jeremy left and updated my reminders on the phone. Next week I have an Echocardiogram. Monday, Elliott has a dental appointment. and I don’t go back to the hospital, scheduled, anyway until October when we do the workups for my one year review!

I chatted with Zach, a young man who wants to learn the ropes of a paranormal investigator and exorcist investigator, we have one and one-half years to get him all trained up so he can be a resource in the northern midwest. I have a case set up a week from Saturday in the Los Angeles area to get him started. Should be interesting. Tim, my paranormal partner in crime, and I will drive south to meet up with him and head to LA from there.

I need to get some sleep so I can hope to make it into work tomorrow. Don’t forget ‘Red Shirt Friday’ supporting our troops! Y’all have a good night. Talk with you soon.

New Post – First one here!

Well, this is pretty excellent.

I am sitting at my desk, in the dark. The glow of the three computer screens lighting the area enough that I can find my water glass easily. It’s 10:15 pm, forty-five minutes past my normal bedtime, and I guess I will be tired again tomorrow at work.

Rather unproductive tonight. I was going to the Canyon Crest Athletic Club, my gym, to put in some well needed time, and got caught up playing with my Logitech Harmony hub. It’s now set up to control my entertainment center and is hooked to my Philips Hue hub to control my lights. The Amazon Echo works with both devices so I can do everything verbally – this is cool when you have visitors and nonchalantly Ask Alexa to watch TV. The lights dim, the TV and the satellite box come on, and the ghost shows are playing. Cool stuff.

Also wanted to work on my latest book as well. I opened it, or tried to, but found that MS Word has been corrupted somehow. So that’s a tomorrow night thing. Have thoughts on the book running through my head and wanted to dump them all to ‘paper’ before it got to be too much rattling around in there.

I’ll post a chapter in the next few days, or as I get Word to reanimate its lifeless corpse and let me work some more.

Have a great night. I’ll update soon.